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Everyone looks at reviews from people that are paid to review or given some incentive. This is my own take with out the money or incentives.

Dragon Age

The Story: It is amazing for this game. Well thought and well Detailed. Spread over the whole map. The main story line is amazing it drags you in from the get go. Straight to the end of the game. The side quests are great to again all over the map. Certainly gives you that extra bit to work on even if it only gives a little extra bit of game play. Even with character stories to. Some meld together. Even the interaction talks while wondering about. It all works together perfectly.

The Detail: Tones in my book. Just perfect for a long RPG. Which is what it should be. Certainly a lot to read to give you more detail and draw you into the game world. Which it should. Cause that moment you start to play it should drag you in which it dose with this. Many might say that tones of reading is boring. But this is always a key point to good RPG. No way you could have some one just speak it all out. Some might say that would be better some would say not. Hence why having both in it. Is much better. The detailed conversations from the characters and npc's down to the codex notes which give you information.

The Graphics: Perfect and still now perfect in my books for an RPG like this one. The Characters are life like, even in the cinematic's. The towns and Cities are well detailed and work with the time period of the game. The npc's and even the animals. The darkness in it work even well better for game and story. Some might say it dose not. But I beg to differ.

The Music: It is great. It enhances the game amazingly, drawing you into the game even more. So much work put into it, It is certainly one of the things I love in this game. Nothing more I can say. Watch this video about the music. Link

The Reply Value: The reply value of this game. Is great to reply as the other classes certainly makes it worth while indeed. Even go different ways with them in the sense of character. Yes there is mods out there you can use to further enhance that. But on just the game it is perfect. It is certainly one game I will reply many times out of my large and I use that loosely game collection.

Overall: This game is one all you RPG players should certainly have. Graphics, story, Detail. Everything works perfectly for this game. I give this 100% and 10/10


Story: This is a Classic style story/plot. Cop go's missing and it ends up the kidnappers want one cop to come with a ransom. But as usual Cop boss dose not want to. But you Tequila end up going to do it yourself. This is what I like Defiance against bosses to go get the job done! There is definitely some interesting story lines to this game. Even at the start you see kidnapping like I have said but just not the cop. There is love and secrets to. Heck I even found some bits in funny.

The Detail: There is some good detail in this game via the in game film scenes. Bring more to the story as it unfolds. There is no in-depth reading in the game. Like in some others but again this is more of Shoot first and ask questions later.

The Graphics: The graphics are good to a point for now. Yes there is some limitations to it. But it stills holds it own as an HD Game. Explosions from barrels lighting up the screen. Gives me tingles all the time. Even seeing the movement waves from the bullet being fired in precision fire mode. Button number 2 on your controls which I will go into in a sec. Enemies are generic like most reviewers have said and I agree. All in all the graphics are good for this game in my books. They could be much better but. I cant really Truly match this game to todays games for graphics. I put it down to your judgment.

Game play: What can I say. Controls are nice and easy to master. No messing around. Jumping in any direction or interacting with any object. I found that fun sliding accross the table and down hand rails shooting people in the awesome slow motion mode. This is called Tequila Time. Now in my mind Tequila time points to Alcohol but I digress. There is some other modes you use to. First one is Health Boost. Which is just like a First aid pack. Second is Precision Aiming which I love. When you get it right you see the kill cam. Perfect kills or even just to injure so you can get up and just pummel in a whole clip just to be evil. Third is Barrage one of the most potent modes. 20 seconds of enhanced firepower and invulnerability ripping through the environment. Lastly the Spin firing with stunning accuracy in a circle. I tend not to use this one. As I like getting up and close. Its still nice to use.

The Music: THe music is good. It fits the game and game play. But if your like me with shooting games you might turn the music off and play your own.

The Reply Value: Now replay value. Yeah there is reply value but since the game is long it might be more of a time filler between the games your waiting for to come out. But if you like countless shooting then yeah there is replay value.

Overall: Overall this game packs an interesting classic story. Countless fighting good graphics and music and replay value even if its just to fill space. Defo worth the play. It captures John Woo movies into a game. I give this 9/10. As much as I want to give a full 10/10 even tho its got help from John Woo. I cant there is still room for improvement that can be done.

Brothers in Arms Hells Highway

Story: Hells Highway is the third edition to the Brothers in Arms Series. The game follows the men of the 101st Airborne Division 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment. You are again playing the awesome role of Staff Sergeant Matt Baker during Operation Market Garden in World War 2.

The Graphics: The Graphics again are awesome the work perfectly well for the game. Lighting it to works nicely. even down to the water. Characters look so life like its just awesome. The video scenes are amazing. Its just perfect in my book.

Game play: The game play is great just like the last one. But now you have two new specialized units the Bazooka and machine gun. These are two good units. Its awesome to take out an MG-42 with a rocket from the Bazooka. Also the Machine gun unit adds more suppressing fire power when used with the Base of fire team. Work it right so one is firing when the other is reloading and your sure to wipe the Germans off the battlefield.

I love the Hand signals Baker uses really puts you in there as if you are there in real life. Again the third person view works perfect for this game as its definitely needed for the strategics. Also being able to hide behind the cover is certainly a good one. I used that a lot with the moving peeking out to scope the area and issue orders or fire on the Germans.

Now instead of the Situational Awareness you are given a nice little tactical map which is accurate recon reports based on period reconnaissance of the exact missions back in World War 2. This I loved as it felt even more life like. Oh and one awesome new feature is the kill shot cam or Action cam. Where you get a good head shot or kill with grenades or the Tank for that matter. Yes I said tank you get to play in a tank.

Controls: The controls are good. The squad buttons you might need a little time to remember but pretty much the rest are easy to use and remember.

The Music: The music. What can I say. It is amazing. The good old orchestra style world war 2 music. Even just listening to the music at the start before you even play gave me that happy good feeling I get from hearing it cause I know am going to play a great world war 2 game. The music fits it perfectly way. I cant say anymore.

The Reply Value: There is definitely replay value in this game indeed. The Story of World War 2. Might be over done with a lot games. But this game adds another perspective. Where your going to want to master it. Straight through to playing it in Authentic mode to win that Medal of Honor.

Overall: Now this game is an awesome world war 2 game. With its new features and style its a game worth mastering. Its a game the shows proper team commanding skills and tactics. I can truly give this game 100% backing 10/10. I am impressed and I hope you to will be. This is again definitely a game to play and master.


Story: Now as many people know what the story is about. I will briefly run through it for those that do not. Skyrim's main story revolves around the player character's efforts to defeat Alduin, the firstborn of Tamriel's primary deity Akatosh. Alduin is prophesied to destroy the world. Set two hundred years after Oblivion, the game takes place in the land of Skyrim, which is in the midst of a civil war after the assassination of the High King. You are that player where you find out you are Dovahkiin (Dragonborn). This caught my eye right away even before even seeing the trailer video's.

The Graphics: Now I do not have a great system. I did state on the forum I had it on ultra but that was a miss judge by me. I was not meaning I had pressed the ultra button in the detail bit, if you expand the advance settings. I have them all maxed bar shadow and I did not Check box FXAA. Also I am running in window mode aspect ratio 16:10 resolution 800 x 500. No the game looks and runs good enough for me. Although I do not like that the shadows are worked through the cpu. But I got over that. Everything else to me looks good I am not a major graphic nut. Even though am studying games art and animation with Train to game lol

Game play: The game play is good in my books They kept the traditional style from the Elder Scrolls series which is great You again are in a nice open free roam world walk or horse back which is cool. With plenty of things to do and see and many npc's to talk to. Which is good in my books as I have always loved the open worlds of The Elder scrolls series. Now I will not go into the story as. I do not want to spoil it for anyone who wishes not to know. But all I can say is I like what I have seen so far and I have not touched the main quest fully even tho I was informed it was shorter than, Oblivion. I am 116 hours into my first play through and I am enjoying the side quests.

The Character building is great as always. Although I still cant get my head around the kitties (khajiits). You can be any of the races in the game Bar Daedric. They all have different natural abilities to. you can improve your skills, they all have numerical representations of their ability in certain areas. There are two skills divided evenly between the three schools of combat, magic and stealth, and training until the necessary required experience is met, results in the player's character leveling-up. This way is done for the player to make his or her characters preferred play-style. You have perks that you can use or store. These for for Skills. Which make you character better

When exploring you encounter many things from tiny cute bunnies to I want to crush your head Giants. Then you see those lovely dragons that makes me want to have one in real life as a pet mmm the ego side of my brain likes that idea. Now on the note of dragons I love how they fly. Even when they land on certain houses and attack. Just amazing. That brings me onto the combat side. Just great. Intense fun exciting. What more can I say. Fighting a dragon just greats that good old bloody boiling. Using your bow and arrow or even magic, Dual wielding, two handed weapons or the classic sword and shield style. Now I just want to go back and play more.

Controls: Now at first I was a little confused. Then I remembered seeing that it was first made for the consoles. But am not a control pad user for these game. Then after a few minutes I mastered them. I like the favorite items menu you have when pressing Q comes in handy. Also I liked how I could number my items. Which made that quicker

The Music: The music is great. Go's well with the game. I have them main song and I just love it. OK I did go a bit nuts and put it on my phone but anyway. As I said the music go's with the game even when your in combat.

The Reply Value: There is certainly replay value in the game. As you can redo your character as you see fit and use different styles of play. With me I always go Warrior first. But on my second run I am not sure what I will play after I have done my first play through. But like I said it is certainly there.

Bugs/Glitches: Right lately the Beth games. There has been a lot glitches and bugs reported. As I have read and seen by the many video's. Now I am in no way saying there lying or that there is no bug's in the game. As I have encountered Mission/quest breaks. Where I have had to use set stage commands to pass to the next part of the mission/quest. I have encounters Glitches where the Dwemer spiders do not come fully out of there trap wholes. Now I have to say I have been lucky not to come across the ones many have stated and shown in countless video's. This has not stopped me from playing the game.

Overall: The story is good but could be longer. The graphics are still sweet as I like them Again the game play is I certainly will be playing many more hours of Skyrim. Controls little confusing at first then easy to master after you got your heard around it. You can still use a controller just set it up and bang. Music great like I said. Works perfectly well for the game. Reply value it is there indeed. The Bugs and Glitches hopefully they will be ironed out for everyone who is getting them and not just looking for them! So all in all for my experience of Skyrim. I have to say eight out of ten.


Just a quick hello to all that read my reviews. Now todays Review is on RAGE by Id Software. That was published by Bethesda Softworks. Now I know many people where very annoyed with this game that will not stop me from this review. So here go's.

Story: Now a massive asteroid hits earth in the year of 2029. There is several areas that have pockets of survivors that are forced to begin a new civilization. The world is populated by human survivors of the impact, who have come together to form settlements around oases and other practical or habitable locations, including racetracks. These fragile homes are diligently defended by the inhabitants against bandits and mutants, which are divided into various gangs and organizations of their own. Now you the ark survivor comes into the world in the year 2135. Now this game gave me the feel of Fallout which I liked very much. Now people may say fallout rip off. Which I admit ok. But really its not exactly the same. It might start nearly the same but its just a different game. Any way. You fight your way through three area's to help bring the world back from the brink of its near destruction from the Asteroid. I liked this. A nice fit for survival.

Game Play: The game primarily consists of FPS and driving area's, with the you using vehicle's to explore the world and travel between missions. Combat is in first person view. You are armed with a variety of firearms from pistols to a nice rocket launcher and my favorite weapon wing sticks (They are like boomerangs). You get different ammo for each weapon. Which you can change to your style. There is two types of enemies Shooting and melee, no need to explain what they do since its easy to figure out.

Now there is several vehicle events for you to participate in. Races and checkpoint rallies. Racing events may or may not have opponents, and some of them are armed races while others are not. You have the ability to augment you cars with various items and upgrades you can gain by completing events. Rage also some (RPG) elements, inventory system, looting system and Also able to build a wide assortment of items using collected recipes. There are also side missions and a number of other minor exploratory elements to the game.

Now this game is not fully open world like many out there. Yes you are restricted. But there is still a lot you can do. So do not let the closed world put you off. The game is fun and an interesting story to it to.

Controls: Easy and simple for anyone to use. Not much else to say on that. Controls can be customized to how you like it of course via keyboard and mouse.

The Graphics: The Graphics are really great. The characters and weapons had me drolling. Never seen such good graphics on my system like that and I am not usually some one for graphics.

Music: It was good for the game. But for this game I turned it off so I could pay more attention to the game, sometimes I find music distracting in games.

Bugs and Glitches: Right this was a big issue. Poor pc compatibility with this port. Rendering issues on the graphics and glitches in the sound along with (CTD's) But with user tweaks and fixes the game got better there was still issues but not as many for me it was just CTD's caused by my xfire. Technical issues with the PC version has led to articles explaining to users how to "fix" Rage's problems. AMD had released drivers that attempt to fix some the issues. Then on October 10, 2011 patches for the Windows version were released which added various graphical options to the game and fixed a number of driver-related graphical issues.

Reply Value: Sadly I do not find any reply value in this game at all. Its a one time play in my books.

Overall: Now the story is good in my books. Game play is good to but there is room for improvements. Controls are easy as I have said. Graphics are amazing. Music is good. Graphics really great. There is bugs and glitches in the game and most are fixed via user help and drivers and a patch. Even for a poorly ported game. This was quiet fun and exciting for me. The ending was nice to shows for a possible squeal. But I am not going to tell you the ending. So my rating for this game will be 7 paws for this good game.

Train Sim World (TSW)

Story: Well to this game you are driving various locomotives. Currently right now it is just Freight engines from America. Which to me at this point is fine. There could have been more indeed. But that is beside the point just now. The story or main point to this game is you do scenarios ranging from shunting freight around Cumberland train yard to driving long consists from point A to point b while responding to events that happen along the way from signals, weather, speed changes, gradients positive and negative. At this point there is only just the Sand Patch Grade right now. With a new DLC coming out on the 14th of September 2017. This was originally supposed to be out on the 24th of August 2017, but was pushed back due to bug fixing. This is understandable but this will certainly add more to the Game. Now I have not had nor has others been able to play the Great Western Express dlc. But from what I have seen and heard has my attention. I do like the fact that they have the icon HST, 166 DMU and my fav Freight engine the class 66. So I have to say I am excited for this DLC. I have to admit I have high hopes for this game.

Graphics: Well firstly this game has been built from scratch on a different engine (Unreal Engine 4). This will allow for better graphics compared to the old engine used for the original Train Simulator which is still played today. Also hopefully amazing looking mods later down the line. Now from what I have seen over my twenty eight hours of doing the tutorials and scenarios in the game. The graphics on the locomotives and the units look pretty sweet. The scenery is amazing looking as well and this is coming from Ultra setting on a GTX 970. There was some things where I did see ghosting, draw distance on the sleepers and FSP drops. But in general I did not mind it to much at all. But if you are picky tweaking and hopefully patches will sort that out. 

Game play: Now as an experienced train sim player from the Original train Sim game we all know and love. A lot of the features of the locomotives I already know. So even tho doing the tutorials was fun for me, but when looking at it from outside the box. The tutorials cover minimal basics of the loco's. They certainly need to improve these to cover everything in the loco. From all the braking systems (Auto Brake to Dynamic), the fuse box is one thing that is new to me. I learned by trial and error. But for some one new to the game would need to be taught. Also how to start the engine fully and dealing with Iso switches. They certainly have a few there which will cover the basics to get you going. There is a Total of seven you can do and one which you can free play. You can also jump into the 24 time table world that is play as well. So you do have a decent enough of things you can do. But if you are like me and play constanly then you will get through it probably under a day. There is collectable you can get. Also there is an exp system in place not to sure what will be implamented with. One thing I do love is the turn table in the game in the Cumbernland Termanil it is a lovely addition.

Controls: You can use the Keyboard and the game pad. The controls cover the loco, walking and camera. Now I did notice that there is somethings that do not have an actual key to press one is the Horn Sequence for when coming to crossings.

Sound/Music: The game main menu music is fine I personally am not bothered by it. It does provide a background noise. But while in game there is none which again no issue there. The sounds from the environment, train etc are just amazing. If you are like me I have the engine sound cranked up and my bass maxed cause the sound from the loco's is just mmmm. 

Replay Value: There is replay value there. Improving timing on manuvers in the sernarios hunting for those collectables which I wont. Never liked that side. But with more dlc and hopefully workshop additions there certainly will be. 

Bugs/Glitches: Some people stated they have had issue with the throttle and braking. As I stated in my Graphics section, I did see ghosting, draw distance on the sleepers and FSP drops. But one thing that is still poking at me is with the throttle control on one of the Loco's No amps until I reached notch 3/4 also having the auto brake and independent on at full and was not slowing at all. I have not come across this in the old TS game. But to me this seems odd. Possible glitch. Other than the wee graphic and fps issues. Everything else runs fine.

Overall: I give this game a 7 out of 10 paws. There is potential here for this game. They need to work hard as they are starting fresh compared to the Original Train Sim. There is issues that can be fix in graphics and game-play with loco's. There certainly can be more addition to the tutorials to be more in-depth into the loco's mech's. Controls certainly need to be improved to allow all features to be accessed via button or combo button press. I have high hopes for this game. I want it to prosper. So as it stands right now. 7/10 paws.